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Automation Anywhere is an award winning intelligent automation software for business process
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Mihir Shukla
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8 August 2011

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Automation Anywhere is an intelligent automation software for business & IT processes. Record keyboard & mouse click or create scripts using wizards. Automate & schedule complex tasks in minutes without any programming.

Pros: It is an Intelligent Automation Software that lets you automate & schedule business processes & IT tasks easily. Fast automation of complex tasks can be easily created without any programming required. Record keyboard taps and or mouse click or use point & click wizards to create automated tasks in minutes. It is possible to create an EXE out of these combination tasks so that they can be distributed to other computers too. This capability for deploying tasks lets businesses & IT divisions to generate EXEs to manage & configure software, alter software behavior, create interactive scripts that take user inputs & more.

Powerful task scheduling & auto login capability to run scheduled task lets user keep doing things even when he is away and the machine has been locked. even when computer is locked. 250+ actions like Internet, conditional, loop, prompt, file management, database & system. Great features like faster speeds, automatic email notifications, task chaining, hotkey, variables & logging, etc make the automations quite simple. Scheduler, repeat options, web recorder, variable & debugging support, task-chaining, conditional, file, system, database & Internet commands, single click web data extraction & web mining, Turbo-speed, IE plug-in & more makes the functionalities quite sophisticated.

Extended capabilities include Visualize Technology, Workflow Designer, System Log & remote deployment. Visualize Technology shows pictorial views of tasks in a storyboard view. The pictorial view of respective actions makes it easier to understand, edit and manage tasks. Deployment capability allows single click remote task administration and deployment without having to install the product on the remote PC.

Cons: Complex automations need to be thoroughly tested to avoid any system crashes or corruption and that would take knowledge about the system to be thorough.

Overall, nice features, easy to use and easy to learn this is rated at 4 star level.

Publisher's description

Automate Windows, web and legacy application tasks in minutes, without any programming. It features a Web data extraction tool, Excel integration, data transfer wizards, Visualize Technology, Workflow & Remote Task Deployment & Management to name a few.
Offering a wide range of automation solutions including data extraction & screen scraping, application integration including integration with legacy applications, business process & IT automation, etc.
Automation Anywhere
Automation Anywhere
Version 6.1
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